13 de agosto de 2011

Baby diaper invitation

Hi everyone!
Today  I want to share with you this invitation I made for the christening of a baby girl, I know it is not the common invitation for this kind of event, but I wanted to do something different.... It also can be used as a baby shower  or your little baby birthday party invitation. Hope you like it.
I am working on the template, so I can share it with you. As soon as I finish it, I´ll let you know.

Esta es una invitación para el bautizo de una niña, se de antemano, que esta no es la invitación común para este tipo de evento, pero quería hacer algo diferente. También la puedes usar para un baby shower, o como invitación para un cumpleaños, espero te guste.
(Estoy trabajando en la plantilla, para compartirla con ustedes, en cuanto la tenga, se los hago saber).

2 comentarios:

  1. I love this card and would like to case it for a shower on Sunday.....can you give me approximate dimensions at all? Your work is absolutely fabulous!!!!

    Pam Rudder
    Nashville, TN

  2. Thank you very much for all your comments!
    I´m very sorry! I was on vacation and I couldn´t check my blog until today! Maybe a little late, but if you still need it.... give me an email and I send the instructions to you.
    Have a nice day!


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