8 de junio de 2011

Father´s day card

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to take a look!
Yesterday I made a new card for Father´s day. You have no idea!  I loved it!  I don´t know if I have a taylor´s soul, seamstress´s or fashion designer´s spirit or what, but since the last card I made with men´s clothes, I was fascinated by it... and I decided to make a new male card...
I have not picked yet which one will give to my dad, because I love them both!
Has it happened to you? Doing two things you like so much, so you don´t know which one to choose? Well, this is my case.
Let me know if you like what you find in here, ok?
Happy Dad´s Day!!!!!! to all the Dad´s....

Cardstock I used: Little yellow bicycle (autum bliss collection), TCP Studiio (Little Lovin´all you need); Bella blvd (Man of the house). I also used Tim Holt´z Acid free distress ink (vintage photo).

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